Interested in an impact investment? One that provides monthly distributions while your investment supports struggling families? 

Learn how we accomplish this at our webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, November 9th, 12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PST. Here Chris Seveney (President & Founder) and Lauren Wells (Vice President, Investor Relations) will discuss two specific case studies, highlighting how we’ve prevented foreclosure and gotten homeowners back on track while distributing 8% annualized on a monthly basis to our investors. 
On our offering page, you can view all our previous webinars, plus tons more information about mortgage note investing!
We believe our latest offering is well positioned for high-yield returns with a heart.
Register for our webinar tomorrow to learn how we work with borrowers in getting them back on a reasonable mortgage payment schedule.
If you are ready to invest or simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.
For larger investors, please feel free to schedule a call with Lauren, our head of investor relations, by clicking here. 
7e prides itself on offering alternative investment opportunities in and around real estate–not tied to the stock market. Our current offering is open to every type of investor, from accredited to non-accredited, from small-dollar investments, to those with significant cash sitting on the sidelines–including IRAs.