In the only six states and thirty one cities followed by Eviction Lab there have been 1,082,077 evictions since mid-March 2020, and 8,419 in the past week. 

Foreclosures due to falling behind on mortgage payments are, in part, responsible for evictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March 2020 there has been a staggering increase in foreclosure activity. 
No doubt the Covid-19 shut downs and disruptions have caused great hardship for families all over the country, particularly those with ongoing mortgage payments. Many families are dealing with unforeseen obstacles such as job losses, death of loved ones, or illnesses such as “long Covid.”  All these events are exacerbated by rising prices, making it harder for struggling families to dig themselves out of a hole of mortgage payments and other debts. 
At 7E, our goal is to alleviate mortgage payments and keep borrowers in their homes by buying non-performing loans on single family homes at steep discounts. Investing in these loans gives us the freedom to renegotiate payments at a level the borrowers can afford. We create win-win situations, structuring deals that enable borrowers to stay in their homes wherever possible, while making interest and principal payments. In the rare case where we cannot work out a deal with the borrower, we take over the property, fix it up and sell it, oftentimes at a profit. 
While investing in distressed real-estate loans involves some risk, after all non-performing notes means the borrowers have stopped making interest and principal payments, with our $75 million targeted raise, we are barely scratching the surface of the distressed loan asset class. We can afford to be extremely choosy about the loans we invest in, building a diversified portfolio with what we believe to be the best potential for enhanced returns. We pride ourselves on being selective. We work one-on-one with borrowers, focusing on each borrowers’ circumstances and payment history, so that we can work out the best plans for borrowers to get back on track with their mortgage payments, while distributing our investors high monthly dividends. 
7E aims for an 8% annual return (distributed as dividends monthly), and depending on how much you invest, you may be eligible for bonus shares that represent up to 7% of your initial investment. Those bonus shares can effectively boost your dividend yield above 10%, providing even more income to meet your monthly needs.
Together, let’s make money while putting a dent in evictions. 
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