Happy Halloween! Even if today is supposed to be scary, with an investment in 7e your monthly bills may not be. 

Want to begin receiving high-yield monthly income while keeping with your values (and ours)? INVEST TODAY!
For our investors, we target an annualized rate of 8% (distributed monthly) and we have had great success meeting our goals thus far. Plus, with our bonus shares program, your dividend income could be boosted to over 10%. 
Our next dividend will be distributed 12/1 to investors of record by TODAY, 10/31. 
Our second bottomline
By investing in 7e, you could be making a family’s holiday season, by giving them a second chance to stay in, and eventually to own, their home. 
It is all about process and discipline
Our management team focuses on doing its due diligence, completing deals well rather than quickly, with great attention to each individual mortgage note we invest in. We seek to uncover why a homeowner has fallen behind or stopped paying their mortgage. If the situation can be fixed, we will invest, if it cannot, we walk away. Of course it is easier to fix when we buy the mortgage note at a 40-50% discount and can adjust the monthly payments down while delivering higher yields to our investors. Social health is coupled with fiduciary responsibility to our investors. We call it our double bottom-line. 
If you are ready to invest, or simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular. 
We welcome all questions you may have, just send us an email at [email protected] or, to schedule a call with Lauren, our head of investor relations, click here. 
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