For investors, we aim for an 8% annualized distribution monthly; for borrowers, a second chance to keep their families in their homes.

At 7e we actively manage our portfolio, hundreds of mortgage notes across 42 states, so that you can make passive income month-by-month through your investment. 
There are just three more days left to invest to receive your first monthly distribution on November 1!
In an under- or non-performing mortgage note, the lenders are lucky if they get anything owed back as the borrowers may simply not be in a position to pay. 
Crisis? Challenge? Opportunity? It all depends where you sit.
For 7e and its investors, this puts us in a position to purchase the mortgage note, the physical legal document associated with the mortgage, at a 40-50% discount, which in turn allows us to renegotiate with the borrowers an affordable payment schedule beneficial for both them and our investors. 
As we become lenders in mortgage agreements, we take a highly active role in deciding which mortgage notes to walk away from, and which to purchase. Our diligence guides us to which borrowers are in situations where they will be able to make their payments. 
For investors, your active decision to invest and help people get a second chance becomes a passive investment. The key is that with our active management, you can receive income from our portfolio of mortgage notes, without directly selecting or managing the notes yourself. 
For a long-term successful passive investment in real estate what you really need is a team, people with different skills and experience in the field, and you need them to be communicative and direct with you. Other than that, you simply invest your money, receive reports sent by the sponsor, and aim to receive distributions. You should be ready to ask your sponsor questions and expect answers in a timely fashion. 
Click here for our podcast on questions your sponsor should be able to answer.  
If you have any questions at all or would like to set up a phone call, send us an email at invest@7einvestments.com
Our experienced team of professionals handles the work you need to do in order to invest in mortgage notes with no fees after your principal investment. All you have to do is invest. Our job is to earn your monthly dividend distributions. We aim for, and have had success distributing monthly, 8% annualized. 
If you are ready to invest, or simply want to learn, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.