At 7e Investments, we do our due diligence to purchase loans that can be renegotiated and paid back. 

Investing in distressed real-estate mortgage notes is a difficult business. After all, aren’t these non-performing notes? Notes where the borrower has fallen behind or stopped paying? 
The answer is yes, and we have a time tested process of working directly with the borrower to keep them in their home, on a manageable payment plan, while distributing above market monthly dividends to our investors. 
We pay close, individual attention to every borrower case. We purchase properties at a 40 to 50% discount to market value, often giving us the flexibility to structure loan payment plans borrowers can afford. In order to do this, we give each and every note in our portfolio close, individual attention. If the borrower has gone through a recent setback such as a death of a loved one, job loss, illness etc., we can usually find a way to put them back on a path to pay their mortgage and stay in their home. If they have a consistent history of bankruptcy and default, we will not invest in that mortgage note. 
We also diversify across performing and non-performing notes to better manage risk for our investors. Because local economic conditions drive local real-estate markets, we invest in markets around the country to further diversify our portfolio.
We take a socially responsible approach to investing in mortgage notes, attempting to keep borrowers in their homes whenever possible. Foreclosure is the last resort. Our entire process focuses on finding a way to help borrowers pay their mortgages. You can feel good about your 8% annualized return because it primarily comes not from removing people from their homes and selling them (except when that is best for all parties), but by giving them another chance, which we believe most deserve.
Do you want to receive monthly income that you can feel good about? It may be time to take a look at 7e Investments. We target an 8% annual return (distributed as dividends monthly). Plus, if you invest now, you may be eligible for bonus shares of up to 7% of your original investment. 
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