Are notes a better option than typical high-yield products? 

Between interest rate hikes and inflation, investors are seeking even higher yield investments.
High-yield products such as ETFs and mutual funds are currently undergoing a downturn, according to Pensions & Investments, an investment publication for institutional investors. As a result, high-yield spreads could widen further than they already have this year, since corporate cash flows would come under additional pressure, raising the risk of distress. Additionally, high-yield ETFs typically advertise a return of 4-7% with significant risk and volatility not just to the interest paid, but to the underlying principal, especially given uncertain economic conditions. 
At 7E Investments, we provide you with the opportunity to receive returns higher than most high-yield ETFs, AND with the added comfort knowing that you are helping to keep a family in their home. We provide investors access to one of the real estate market’s most demanding and resource-intensive sectors: distressed single-family home mortgages. However, the demanding nature of the mortgage note market is exactly what we see as lowering risk for our investors. We do our due diligence, and take precious time and care to look through each individual mortgage note, identifying borrowers who, after overcoming the obstacle that put them in distress, such as the death of a spouse, illness, or job loss, can get on track paying their mortgages, benefitting both themselves as homeowners, and you, as investors looking to receive monthly income.  We typically purchase these mortgage notes at steep discounts, enabling us to offer a new set of terms, easier on the homeowner while aiming to provide higher returns to our investors than the original note.
We believe our process, and investing in first lien mortgages backed by the home itself, is safer than loaning money across a wide range of companies that cannot tap the capital markets in more traditional ways to achieve a yield that is typically lower than ours. 
7E aims for an 8% annual return (distributed as dividends monthly), and depending on how much you invest, you may be eligible for bonus shares that represent up to 7% of your initial investment. Those bonus shares can effectively boost your dividend yield above 10%, providing even more income to meet your monthly needs.
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