An Impact Investment–with Monthly Dividends.
Invest in December to receive your first distribution on February 1st. 

This holiday season, give the gift of a second chance to a family before they lose their home.
Many of us have been there or know family or a friend who has struggled to recover, emotionally and financially, from a tragedy such as an illness, job loss, or death of a loved one. 7e realized that losing one’s home can displace an entire family, and negatively impact education, and job opportunities. 
7e Investment purchases under- or non-performing mortgage notes, typically at a large discount (40-50%). This provides us with the flexibility to work closely with the homeowner to determine a manageable monthly payment, and keep them in their home. The whole neighborhood benefits–so perhaps we have more than two bottom lines. 
Watch our webinar featuring two case studies where we helped borrowers overcome financial hardship. You will understand why we are so proud of our work–distributing 8% (or more with bonus shares) to our investors, while helping struggling families.
These are examples of how we achieve our double-bottom line, supporting borrowers, while distributing monthly dividends to investors. 
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