9/17/22 Update

At 7e investments, we invest in mortgage notes. Our goals are to create win-win situations for our investors and distressed borrowers, garnering high yielding monthly distributions while keeping as many families in their homes as makes sense.
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We invest in distressed single family-home mortgage notes, in which the borrower has fallen behind or has stopped making payments altogether. Homeowners fall behind on payments for all kinds of reasons, such as a loss of a job or a sick family member. Some will not recover from this situation, some will. Many distressed borrowers, with a little help, are able to keep their home and not miss any payments.
What kind of help do we offer?
At 7e, we are highly skilled at evaluating borrowers’ circumstances, identifying those borrowers that can get back on track with their payments. Rather than seeking to acquire, foreclose, and sell the properties associated with the notes, we purchase the notes from lenders at a 40-50% discount, and renegotiate loan payments to a level borrowers can afford. We strive to create positive scenarios for all parties involved, structuring deals that allow the borrowers to stay in their homes wherever possible, making all future payments in full and on-time.
For our investors, our goal is high monthly income to meet your lifestyle needs. We target an 8% annualized return distributed as dividends monthly (check your tax rate on dividends versus interest income), a higher yield than many so-called high-yield investments such as many ETFs and bonds. 
Want to learn more about how we distribute monthly income while keeping people in their homes? 
Join us for a FREE webinar Tuesday, September 20th at 12PM EST / 9AM PST to hear Chris Seveney (our President and founder) and Lauren Wells (our Vice President) discuss mortgage note investing and our Regulation A+ offering. 
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