7e offers a high-yield fixed income investment that matches your values (and ours)!

If you want to receive your first monthly dividend December 1st, there are just two days left to invest. Don’t miss out!

When considering an investment in 7e, a practical way to decide how much to invest is to work backwards, to think about how much monthly income you want to receive.
Are you saving for retirement? Do you need extra income for bills that come every month? Or perhaps your investments in the stock market are not performing as well or as consistently as you’d hoped. 

While we target an 8% annualized return (distributed monthly), with our bonus shares program your investment could be boosted to over 10%. 

Use the chart below to learn how much you should invest to meet your goal: 

Your Investment Goes Further than Just Monthly Dividends
As we move into the holiday season, now may be an opportune time to give the gift of a second chance to struggling families.

Our Double Bottom-Line
We purchase under- to non-performing mortgage notes (whereby the borrower is no longer making monthly payments) at a steep discount, and renegotiate terms to a more reasonable monthly amount, that keeps the borrowers in their homes and pays our investors. The mortgage notes we hand select to invest in typically involve a borrower with a short term setback that can be overcome with a lower monthly payment. This is made possible by us purchasing the mortgage note at a discount and making sure that whatever made them stumble, is resolved. The name of the game is win-win for our investors and homeowners. 

If you are ready to investor simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page, or to schedule a call with Lauren, our head of investor relations, click here.

On our offering page, you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular. 

We welcome all questions you may have, if you like to send questions and receive a written response please email us at invest@7einvestments.com.

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