7e Investors have consistently been receiving monthly dividend income while most financial markets are down 20% or more YTD.

The chart below shows year-to-date performance of the S&P 500 (down 23.08%) and the Nasdaq 100 Down 31.98%) as of 1:30pm 10/13/22. 

What does a long-term investor seeking monthly income do when the equity markets are working against them?

Current returns on U.S. Treasury Bonds are around 4% and investors receive income every six months, as opposed to when their bills arrive–which is generally every month.

During times like these, inflation and market volatility, investors often look towards hard assets like real estate for increasing value and alternative income. Real estate however often requires a high level legal work, diligence, and attention to receive monthly income from sources like rents. 7e investors have made the decision to help families stay in their homes, while passively receiving monthly income of 8% annualized as we manage our portfolio of mortgage notes. 

Looking for a reliable, fixed income investment as an alternative to stocks and bonds? 
We target an 8% annualized return, distributed monthly and thus far we have had remarkable success meeting our distribution goal, month after month. 

We are able to meet our targeted rate by performing high levels of due diligence with individual borrowers, being highly selective and careful about which mortgage notes we purchase. To further minimize risk, our portfolio is diversified, including both performing and non-performing mortgage notes across multiple states. With your investment, you are not just investing in one note, but in our diversified portfolio.

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