7e Investments specializes in negotiating fair mortgage payment schedules, while distributing high monthly dividends.

Much of the housing market is cooling
After the market had initially tanked at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, things changed rapidly. By the summer of 2020, new homes were selling fast as buyers desired a change of scenery and an escape from densely populated cities. Cities in the Southeast, Southwest, Mountain West, and suburban California were considered pandemic “winners” because of the massive influx of demand. However, fast forward to 2022, as interest rates rose many buyers found themselves priced out of the market, and many of the same cities and counties that benefited from an influx of demand saw the largest cooling and price declines. 
Does this make your investment in 7e riskier?
Returns on our investments are not dependent on the price of the property, but rather the ability of the borrowers to pay back their newly renegotiated mortgages. 
As the housing market cools, and as an example, if the homeowner only has 25% equity based on their down payment and amount in mortgage payments made, and the home is now worth 15% less than they originally paid, 7e and its investors remain in a strong position. We typically purchase mortgage notes for our portfolio (read: your portfolio) at a 40-50% discount, so we still have plenty of equity in the home. This is why individual attention and communication is key to our investment process (read: how we select mortgage notes to purchase, literally one at a time).
Once the homeowner, their property, and mortgage note have passed our due diligence, we can help borrowers stay in their homes and distribute high monthly income to you, our investors–a win-win or as we like to say, a double bottom line.
Our process
Normally if borrowers miss their mortgage payments they are at risk of severely hurting their credit score and potentially losing their home. Their mortgage notes become what the industry calls non-performing. 
Since 7e is buying their mortgage note, typically at 40-50% discounts, we can offer more affordable monthly payments, keep families in their homes, and still be compensated for all the work it takes for our team to analyze the situation, all while distributing 8% in annualized dividends to our investors on a monthly basis (and even more with bonus shares).  
Our goal is to balance higher yields with keeping people in their homes, and thus far we have had remarkable success at both. Even though the housing market is cooling, we strongly believe it still is a good time to get invested in our niche of real-estate. 
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