11/1/22 Email Update

7e Investments finds, researches, and purchases under- or non-performing mortgage notes at a steep discount. We seek borrowers who have a high probability of getting back on track with their payments. We buy the mortgage notes at a steep discount which enables our firm to renegotiate a far more manageable payment schedule with borrowers. We aim to fulfill our double bottom line, getting borrowers back on track, while distributing high monthly dividends to our investors.
Join our webinar Wednesday, November 9th 12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PST to hear Chris Seveney (President & Founder) and Lauren Wells (Vice President, Investor Relations) discuss how we decide which mortgage notes to invest in and some of the specific challenges we have faced when getting borrowers back on track.
In this webinar, we will be highlighting two of many of our case histories where we have purchased a non-performing mortgage note, and turned it into a profitable investment whereby the borrower can stay in their home and overcome various obstacles– some with our support. Our focus is always on knowing which mortgage agreements have a high probability of getting back on track, and which to walk away from.
Because we perform a high level of individual due diligence, we come across a wide range of issues facing borrowers, and some are quite unique. One of our borrowers needed to rent another home because their primary home was damaged, and another had undergone a medical procedure and fallen behind on their payments. 
For many homeowners, the value of surrounding properties has increased and with our assistance, perhaps they will one day be able to sell their home and build wealth, part of the American dream.
We welcome all questions you may have, just send us an email at invest@7einvestments.com
If you are ready to invest, or simply want to learn more, please visit our offering page. Here you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular. For larger investors, please feel free to schedule a call with Lauren, our head of investor relations, by clicking here. 
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