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Why Invest with 7E Investments?

The current market condition presents unique opportunities to real estate investing. Alternative investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds have provided average, single-digit returns. We have built an experienced team with the knowledge and expertise to source assets and continuously manage our investing process to protect our investment and assets to outperform alternative investment portfolios.

Our business provides a dynamic business model, with both private investment and joint venture partnership opportunities. We realize some investors may prefer to invest as a private investor, who collect a pre-determined return, while others may prefer to take advantage of joint venture opportunities to earn a profit based on individual project performance.

Whether you are looking for a passive return on your money, or a more active role with your investments, our wide array of business opportunities in the Virginia area will fit in with any investment goals.

Investing with us

7E Investments works to customize every partnership depending on what you look to get out of the venture, and your investment requirements. This creates a win-win solution for us and our Joint Venture or Private Lender Partner. We understand everyone investor has their unique investment goals and strategies to achieve the greatest ROI.

As a Private Lender

A private lender will make an interest loan to cover all costs of purchasing the asset. The lender will receive a monthly interest rate payment on their loan until the loan is paid off, typically a 12-24 month loan period.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering as a Private Lender please Contact Us.

As a Joint Venture Partner

A Joint Venture partner will provide the funds to acquire the asset. The cash flow from the asset will be split per the terms of an agreement until the asset is sold. The sale proceeds will be used to return the initial investment back to the JV Partner prior to any profit payments. The remaining funds will then be dispersed per the terms of the agreement.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Joint Venture Partner, Contact Us.

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